Our Çorlu factory that was commissioned in December 2010, is established on 39.063 m2 area. Our plant has a storage capacity; two lifted raw material receiving lines, raw material vertical silos with a storage capacity of 1.500 m3, indoor horizontal warehouse with 6.500 m2 storage capacity, indoor horizontal storage with 30.000 m3 storage capacity and vertical good silos with 1.500 m3 storage capacity. Our Çorlu factory can produce 960 tons of feed per day with 40 tons / hour capacity. The whole process is controlled from raw material input to product output, all types of process information and details can be reported retrospectively. Produced feeds are shipped in granule and pellet form as sacked and bulk. It has three packaging units in sacked packaging line. 60 tons sacked loading can be made with double band systems, 40 tons loading can be made on a single line in casting line per hour.