Proyem Diyarbakir Factory, which has a daily production capacity of 120 tons/hour, is among the largest facilities in Europe and the Middle East in feed production with its technological infrastructure and product quality.


In the facility, which is built on an area of approximately 80 thousand square meters, different products are offered to the breeders in the region with the raw material pre-grinding system and muesli feed production lines in the finished product. In addition to feed production, 100 tons/hour corn drying is also possible in the facility. In the coming years, it is planned to produce soya with a capacity of 10 tons/hour at the facility.


In Proyem Diyarbakir Factory, the entire process from raw material input to finished product output is controlled by automation and all kinds of process information and details can be reported retrospectively. Manufactured feeds are shipped in granule, pellet and powder forms in sacked and bulk form. There are 5 packaging units in the sack packaging line. With the packaging and loading systems, 2,025 tons per day can be shipped in sacks and 2,250 tons per day can be loaded from the bulk line.


The facility has 75,000 tons of raw material storage capacity and has one raw material receiving line with lift, one without lift and one with blower, 4,470 m³ storage capacity raw material vertical silos, 34,897 m³ storage capacity closed horizontal warehouse, 4,976 m³ storage capacity vertical finished product silos and 50,000 tons capacity steel silos.