By taking over the factory with the capacity of 5 tons/hour powder feed that was operated previously, started to be operated with the capacity of 20 tons / hour in 2006 with electrical and mechanical renovations. The factory that its capacity was increased by 40 tons / hour with an investment made in 2007, continues to produce feed.


Our Konya factory is operated on 61.543 m2 area and 7.500 m2 indoor area. It has 18.000 tons of Horizontal Warehouse, 30.000 tons of Steel Silo raw material storage capacity and 1.500 tons of feed stocking capacity. In our plant that was established considering technological changes; production is performed with PLC Automation Control System without human touch. Production is monitored continuously by Quality Kontrol, with the advantages provided by technology, each stage of the process can be monitored and recorded with a reporting system.


The Compactor used in our Karacabey Factory continues to make a difference in pellet quality and digestibility by being used in our Konya Factory. Feeds that are exposed to instant high temperature and high pressure provide more efficiency than the feeds that are produced normal.