In this clarification text;

Personal Data means: All types of information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person, The Law on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”) no 6698 entered into force by being published on Official Gazette on April 7, 2016,

Data Processor means: Natural or legal person processing Personal Data based on the authorization given by the data controller, on behalf of the data controller,

Data Controller means: Natural or legal person determining purposes and means of processing Personal Data, responsible of installing and managing data recording system. We, Proyem Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., take protecting confidentiality regarding private lives mainly basic rights and freedoms, ensuring and protecting information security, respecting ethical values as our privileged principles.  Based on that, within the scope of executing our obligation to clarify arising from article 10 of The Law on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”), following clarification is provided for information;


Our Company with the title of “Data Controller” as defined in KVKK, processes your personal data within the limits ordered by the regulation and purposes described below.


With the purpose of Processing and Transferring Personal Data, your private characterized data such as; identity and contact information of the employees (including voluntary, part-time employees, interns, students, applicant employees), their family members and relatives, the customers, the suppliers, the consultants, the business partners, the stakeholders, the Representatives and Officials of the Company, the person/persons those have contractual relations and their employees, the persons/persons those are parties of legal transactions (the parties of legal transactions such as cases those are filed by the Company or against the Company, those will be filed, those are finalized, executive proceedings, intermediation transactions), survey participants and visitors (including photographs and/or biometric data), their family and social lives, education and training information, employment information, their information related with request/complaint, their information related with legal processes, their auditing information, electronic media use, information related with goods and services those are taken and provided, their business activities, information related with commercial and other licenses and permits, physical area security information, visual and audial information (photographs, camera, voice records), telecommunication logs, e-mail and information systems services usage logs and your personal information such as entrance logs and their union memberships, health reports and health data, biometric data and criminal record information (including investigation, prosecution and enforcement transactions) are gathered, recorded and processed in our Company in accordance with KVKK (The Law on The Protection of Personal Data).



In order to realize commercial activities performed by our Company and to manage business processes based on that and relations with business partners and / or suppliers, to manage web pages of our Company technically, to follow complaints and to manage customers, to follow questions those you send to our company and to follow product surveys, to perform works by our departments required to make you have benefit from the products and the services provided by our Company, to plan and to execute sales of our products and services, marketing, after-sales processes, to make notification regarding contexts of mentioned products and services, to be able to send commercial electronic message by having approval in accordance with legal regulations, to perform competitions, activities and other organizations, to perform legal and commercial relations of our Company and with the persons those have business relation with our Company, to ensure security of these relations, to manage administrative operations for the relation performed by our Company, to manage employees, to ensure physical security and auditing the locations of the Company, to plan Logistics activities, to operate reputation research processes, to perform legal business and procedures and compliance with ethical values and the law, to follow contract processes and/or legal requests, to plan Human Resources and personnel recruitment processes, to follow education and training activities related with recruitment processes, to plan and/or execute occupational health and/or safety processes, to ensure that our Company can benefit from incentives by performing research and development activities, to plan and to execute corporate communication and corporate management activities, to perform information security services, to follow and to audit finance and/or accounting transactions, to execute activities related with determination of financial risks of the customers, to determine and to apply commercial and business strategies of our Company, to create and to follow visitor records, to ensure performing legal obligations in a way that they are obliged to perform and those required by related regulations and with other purposes to notify related persons when an information is obtained, your personal data is collected and processed as limited for these purposes and within the scope of the conditions and purposes of personal data processing indicated in articles 5 and 6 of KVKK. Your personal data can be transferred to credible third persons and/or entities and organizations and/or our business partners and/or Matlı Group companies at home or abroad in order to realize above mentioned purposes and to ensure your data security and on condition that it is limited with these purposes, within the frame of the conditions and purposes to process personal data indicated in article 8 and 9 of KVKK by taking all measured by our Company.  Besides, personal data can also be shared with public institutions and organizations authorized to take and demand that data as per a legal requirement.




Personal data is collected, used, recorded, stored and processes within the frame of principle of proportionality, on condition that it is connected and limited with legitimate purposes clearly indicated above in accordance with the law and good faith, verbally, in written and/or via electronic means by taking explicit consent when required and by making verbal, written and/or electronic notification in a clear and understandable way for the owners of personal data by our company as per Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Reasons. We guarantee that your personal data will not be transferred to third persons at home or abroad and will not be stored and will not be processes by our company except the purposes indicated in this clarification text.




Personal data is stored as per storage periods indicated in related legal regulation, if no period is determined in related legal regulations, as per applications of our Company and practices of commercial life or for a period required by above indicated processing purposes and then it is deleted in accordance with KVKK, destroyed or anonymized. If the purpose of processing personal data is expired or storing period as per related regulation and indicated by our Company is expired, personal data can be stored only with the purpose of constituting evidence in possible legal disputes or to claim any right related with that personal data or to establish a defence.  In determination of periods indicated here, period of limitation for claiming aforementioned right, and the samples in requests delivered to our Company regarding the same subjects previous even though period of limitation is expired, are taken as basis and storage periods are determined. In this case, stored personal data is not accessed for any other purpose, and access to the relevant personal data is provided only when it is required to be used in the relevant legal dispute. After aforementioned period expires, personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized.


Security of Personal Data, your personal data, not to expose it to unauthorized access in medias where it is processed and stored, technical and administrative measures with the purpose of not do lose or damage it, its requirements and also requirements of guidelines regarding Security of Personal Data published by KVKK Board are continuously operated and developed within the scope of continuous improvement.



Personal Data Owner has following rights as per article 11 of KVKK, by applying to the data controller regarding; a) to learn whether personal data is processed, b) to demand information regarding that if personal data is processed, c) to learn the purpose of processing personal data and to learn whether it is used in accordance with the purpose, d) to know third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad, e) to request correcting if personal data is processed deficiently or wrong, f) to request deleting or destroying personal data within the frame of the conditions stipulated in Article 7, g) to request informing third parties regarding transactions those are performed as per subparagraphs (e) and (f), h) to object occurrence of a result against himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, i) to request compensation of a damage in case of damage arises as a result of occurrence of a result by processing personal data against the law.



You can realize your request related with using your rights mentioned above as per subparagraph 1 of article 13 of KVKK, Application Methods Regarding the Rights of Personal Data Owner, with belong mentioned methods and information based on “Notification to Data Owner Regarding Application Principles and Procedures” published on Official Gazette No 30356 and dated March 10, 2018.



Information required in an application; 1 Applicant’s Name-Surname. 2. TR identity number of applicant if he/she is a Republic of Turkey citizen, if not, passport number or ID number together with his/her nationality. 3. Applicant’s place of residence for notification or workplace address. 4. Applicant’s notification e-mail address, telephone or fax number. 5. Applicant’s request matter. 6. Applicant’s information and documents for request matter.


Application methods that related person can use; 1. The applicant can make delivery with a minute by hand to Human Resources department by filling Application Form and closing envelope and texting on Information Request for Personal Data Protection to Company address”. 2. The applicant can make notification to Company Address”, but should add “Information Request for Protection of Personal Data” note on notification envelope*.


Company Address: Proyem A.Ş. Panayır Mah. 602. Sk. Matlı Plaza No:14 Osmangazi Bursa