It started its first feed production in 1988 with 10 tons/pellet per hour capacity. Increasing and growing livestock farming of the country, is obliged restructuring of feed industry. In this process, Matlı A.Ş., followed developments and reached a position that has voice in the sector in the last years with the modernization it has made in its plants.


Our Karacabey factory is operated on 45.000 m2 area and 17.500 m2 indoor area. The plant that has 20.000 tons horizontal warehouse, 50.000 tons steel silo raw material stocking capacity, can stock 1.300 tons of feed and 48 different type of products in total. The plant that is keep being developed continuously electrically and mechanically, reached 70 tons/hour feed production capacity today. In our factory where product controls are carried out at every stage, production is carried out with a PLC automation system without human touch. Thanks to this, monitorability has been ensured in the process from raw material entrance and to feed output.


Our five loading lanes are designed for rapid and precise loading of trucks. Our sacked feed loading capacity has been modernized in way to be 1.250 tons/day. In addition to sacked shipment, bulk feed shipment is also made to the farms in the region and our egg production plant.


With the compactor used by us for the first time in our country in feed pelleting technology, difference has been made in pellet quality and digestibility. Feeds that are exposed to instant high temperature and high pressure provide more efficiency than the feeds that are produced normal. With this new production technology commissioned in 2003, Matlı A.Ş., made difference and provided benefit to for the breeders.