Our Turgutlu Feed Production Plant that its projects were completed in December 2008, started its operations on May 23, 2009 with participation of Mr. Bülent Arınç who was a State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.


Automation system of our plant that was established on 31.500 m2 area, was equipped with the latest technological systems, machine park and equipment. It has a storage capacity; two lifted raw material receiving lines, raw material vertical silos with a storage capacity of 3.000 m3, indoor horizontal warehouse with 6.500 m2 storage capacity, Steel Silo with 18.000 m3 storage capacity and vertical good silos with 3.000 m3 storage capacity.


Production Capacity

Our plant can produce 2.000 tons feed in a day with 100 tons/hour capacity, with our principle of “Quality and Customer Satisfaction” the whole process can be controlled with an automation from raw material entrance to good output, all types of process information and details can be reported retrospectively. Production in quality standards can be made with instant and continuous controls at every stage in the process with automated process control devices. Shipment Capacity; The feeds produced are shipped in sacks and bulk in three forms: Powder, Granule and Pellet. There are four double packaging units in Sacked Packaging Line. 80 tons sacked loading can be made with double band systems per hour and 80 tons loading can be made on a single line in casting line per hour.