Our Diyarbakir Factory Started Operations

Matli continues to bring what it earns from these lands back to these lands. Matli has opened its largest feed production facility to date in Diyarbakir, contributing to the economy and employment in both the region and the country with its plant serving the Southeastern and Eastern Anatolian regions.

The Proyem Diyarbakir plant, which has a daily capacity of 120 tons/hour, is one of the largest feed manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Middle East in terms of technological infrastructure and product quality.

Built on an area of around 80,000 square meters, the plant offers a range of products to the region’s breeders, with a pre-grinding system for raw materials and production lines for the finished muesli feed. In addition to feed production, the plant can also dry 100 tons of maize per hour. In the coming years, it is planned to produce soya at a capacity of 10 tons per hour.

At the Proyem Diyarbakir factory, the entire process from raw material input to finished product output is controlled by automation, and all kinds of process information and details can be reported retrospectively. Produced feeds are shipped in granular, pellet and powder form in bagged and bulk form. There are 5 packaging units in the bagging line. The packing and loading systems can dispatch 2,025 tons per day in bags and load 2,250 tons per day from the bulk line.

With a raw material storage capacity of 75,000 tons, the plant has a raw material receiving line with a lift, a non-lift and a blower, vertical raw material silos with a storage capacity of 4,470 m³, a closed horizontal warehouse with a storage capacity of 34,897 m³, vertical finished product silos with a storage capacity of 4,976 m³ and steel silos with a capacity of 50,000 tons.

The Diyarbakir Proyem Factory, which diversifies Matli’s feed production with the rich vegetation of the Mesopotamian Plain, aims to be a pioneer for other investments to be made in the region.