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  • Düve Feed

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    Can be fed to female calves from 6 months (180 days) of age until their first calving.

    Breeding heifers should be fed aiming a daily gain of 850-900 g from 6 months of age until insemination, and thereafter 800-850 g until a month before expected calving.


    Ensures a healthy development with its balanced energy and protein profile.

    Helps adequate formation of the udder.

    Improves fertility.

    Ensures correct height and weight with respect to age.

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  • Kuru Dönem Feed

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    Formulated for dried-off dairy cows.


    Decreases the incidence of post-calving metabolic disorders, particularly ketosis.

    Prevents over conditioning.

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  • Son 60 Dry Period Feed

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    Formulated as an anionic feed for dried-off dairy cows.


    Helps prevent post-calving problems such as;

    Retained placenta,

    Ketosis (diabetes),

    Fatty liver syndrome,

    Displaced abomasum (twisted stomach),

    Mastitis (mammary inflammation),

    Metritis (uterus inflammation),

    Milk fever,

    Low or short peak milk production.

    Reduces labor needs and facilitates ration management.

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